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The Guide to EcoTex

This article dives deeper into EcoTex, its core components, and its transformative role in the sustainable materials movement.

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Studio Marlowe

Written by:

Christi Farrell, RA, Leed GA


November 8, 2022


Studio Marlowe

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In the evolving landscape of materials science, EcoTex stands out as a sustainable solution in the world of thermoplastic composites.

As industries globally shift towards eco-friendly alternatives, EcoTex, manufactured by US Liner, presents a unique blend of performance and environmental consciousness.

What is EcoTex?

EcoTex is a reinforced sandwich-constructed thermoplastic composite.

At its core, a thermoplastic composite is a material made from a thermoplastic resin combined with reinforcements like glass or carbon fibers.

Unlike traditional plastics, thermoplastics can be melted and reshaped multiple times without significant degradation, making them more recyclable.

EcoTex is crafted by laminating Versitex skins onto a core made of chopped long fiber polypropylene and glass.

Versitex, a hallmark product from US Liner, is a reinforced thermocomposite material known for its durability, resilience, and lightweight properties.

Objectives of EcoTex:

  • Value Creation: EcoTex provides a high-performance yet cost-effective alternative to traditional materials.
  • Environmental Consciousness: EcoTex's "green" appeal stems from its sustainable manufacturing process, reduced waste, and its potential for recyclability. By replacing less sustainable materials, it offers a more eco-friendly choice.
  • Performance: EcoTex ensures top-tier quality, durability, and efficiency, making it a go-to for various applications.

Key Specifications of EcoTex:

  • Composition: EcoTex combines the strength of Versitex skins with a core of chopped long fiber polypropylene and glass, creating a robust composite.
  • Thermal Properties: It showcases thermal expansion akin to aluminum, with superior energy absorption capabilities.
  • Resistance: EcoTex is resistant to rot, corrosion, and mildew, and remains unaffected by most cleaning chemicals. Repairs are straightforward, often requiring just low heat.
  • Finish: It comes in a standard white finish, exuding a clean and professional look.

Applications of EcoTex:

While EcoTex is versatile, one of its standout applications is in furniture. Its lightweight yet durable nature makes it ideal for:

  • Office Furniture: Desks, partitions, and modular systems benefit from EcoTex's resilience and aesthetic appeal.
  • Outdoor Furniture: Its resistance to environmental factors makes it suitable for patio sets, loungers, and garden furniture.
  • Storage Solutions: Cabinets, shelves, and storage units made from EcoTex are both durable and environmentally friendlier.

Why is EcoTex Important?

  • Sustainable Choice: In a world grappling with environmental challenges, EcoTex offers a step in the right direction. Its potential recyclability and reduced waste production make it a preferred choice for eco-conscious endeavors.
  • Versatility: Beyond furniture, its unique properties make it apt for a range of applications, from interior walls to transportation solutions.
  • Durability: With the backing of Versitex skins, EcoTex panels offer significant energy absorption, outlasting many traditional materials.

Challenges and Considerations:

While EcoTex is transformative, potential users should:

  • Application Suitability: Ensure EcoTex aligns with the specific needs of the application, especially in terms of durability and aesthetics.
  • Cost Analysis: While cost-effective, a detailed cost-benefit analysis can help determine its long-term value for specific projects.


EcoTex, with its blend of Versitex technology and thermoplastic composite innovation, is redefining the materials landscape.

By offering a sustainable and efficient alternative, it addresses the pressing need for materials that are both high-performing and environmentally conscious.

As the world leans towards sustainable solutions, materials like EcoTex will be at the forefront, shaping a greener, more responsible future.

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Contributor / Co-Founder
Christi Farrell
Christi is a licensed architect and interior designer specializing in sustainability. She enjoys teaching design and bringing transparency to the impact that furniture has on our planet.
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