Floyd is a Detroit-based retailer founded in 2013 by Kyle Hoff and Alex O'Dell. They started with their flagship product, The Floyd Leg, which allowed customers to create tables from any surface material. Their practical design philosophy focuses on creating thoughtfully different products that are adaptable, customizable, and accessible. Floyd is committed to sustainability and aims to become one of the first carbon-neutral furniture brands. With a focus on longevity and circularity, they prioritize materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. With over 95% of their products manufactured in the US, Floyd offers high-quality furniture while reducing transportation emissions through efficient shipping methods.

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Floyd is a furniture and furnishings retailer known for its online presence and showroom. With a wide range of products available, customers can browse and purchase furniture items from the comfort of their own homes or visit the showroom for a hands-on experience. In addition to catering to individual consumers, Floyd also offers a trade program with a 20-25% discount for industry professionals. This program allows designers, architects, and other trade members to access exclusive pricing on their purchases. Overall, Floyd provides both convenient online shopping options and personalized service through its showroom for those seeking quality furniture and furnishings.

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Floyd is a retailer that focuses on providing quality furniture with a straightforward approach. While they do not offer white glove delivery or a registry option, they do provide free swatches for customers to ensure they make the right choice. Additionally, Floyd offers a product warranty and in-house design services at no cost. However, they do not have an in-house design team or designer collaborations. Overall, Floyd's service strategy centers around simplicity and convenience, offering customers the essentials they need to create their ideal living space.

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Sustainability Mission

Floyd is committed to becoming one of the first carbon neutral furniture brands by measuring and offsetting their carbon emissions through partnerships with Climate Neutral. They prioritize sustainability in their design, packaging, and production processes, maintaining a U.S.-based production footprint to reduce transportation emissions. They also strive to extend the useful life of their products through initiatives like Full Cycle, a resale shop. Floyd evaluates data to reduce transportation emissions and packaging waste, constantly seeking opportunities to improve. They prioritize material selections based on longevity and circularity, using recycled materials, responsibly sourced natural materials, and avoiding harmful chemicals.

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Sustainable Product Certifications and Programs

Floyd, a furniture brand, is committed to becoming one of the first carbon-neutral companies. They measure their emissions and purchase offset credits through a partnership with Climate Neutral. Additionally, Floyd focuses on sustainability in their design and packaging practices, maintains a U.S.-based production footprint to reduce transportation, and evaluates data to minimize packaging waste. Their materials are selected for longevity and circularity, incorporating recycled materials and responsibly sourced natural materials. Floyd also works closely with suppliers to find sustainable solutions, ensuring their products continually improve while minimizing environmental impact. They hold certifications such as FSC Certified.

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Sustainable and Equitable Labor Programs

Floyd's equitable labor programs are Goodweave certified, ensuring a commitment to workers' rights and their communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Floyd furniture made?

Floyd furniture is manufactured in the United States and Italy. The company is committed to sustainability and locally sources materials whenever possible. This approach supports local economies and reduces the carbon footprint associated with shipping. Their products are designed with an emphasis on durability and created using manufacturing facilities that meet high standards of quality and environmental responsibility.

Who owns Floyd?

Floyd is an independent, privately held company founded by Kyle Hoff and Alex O’Dell in 2013. They started the company with a vision to create well-designed furniture that is built to last, directly responding to disposable, short-lived furniture. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Floyd has established itself as a brand that stands for longevity in furniture design and production.

What materials does Floyd use in their furniture?

Floyd’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in their choice of materials. The company uses high-quality, durable resources, such as real birch plywood with a low-VOC, Nature-based finish, and powder-coated steel that is recyclable. Their upholstery fabrics are also heavy-duty and meet rigorous standards for durability and sustainability. Floyd's careful selection of materials ensures that their furniture not only looks good but also stands the test of time.

Can Floyd furniture be easily assembled?

One of the unique selling points of Floyd furniture is its ease of assembly. The products are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, often requiring minimal tools for assembly. This design philosophy extends even to large items such as bed frames and shelving systems, which are engineered with simplicity in mind. The company provides clear instructions and often incorporates innovative, tool-free hardware to make the process as straightforward as possible for the consumer.

What is Floyd's environmental policy?

Floyd is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact across all areas of its business. This includes everything from responsible material sourcing to efficient packaging design. They actively work to reduce waste, incorporate recyclable materials where possible, and ensure that their products are designed with end-of-life in mind. The company’s focus is on creating lasting pieces that don't contribute to the cycle of disposable furniture, thereby reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

How does Floyd support the local economy?

By manufacturing their furniture in the U.S. and Italy, Floyd is able to contribute to local job creation and economic growth. The company's supply chain includes partnerships with domestic manufacturers and suppliers, which bolsters the local industries. Floyd believes that these relationships not only support the local economy but also allow them to maintain a high standard of craftsmanship and quality control for their products.

Does Floyd offer a furniture warranty?

Yes, Floyd stands behind the quality of their furniture by offering a warranty. For most products, Floyd provides a 10-year warranty that covers any defects in materials and workmanship, reflecting the company's commitment to producing long-lasting furniture. Consumers are encouraged to review the specific warranty information provided by Floyd for terms and conditions as well as instructions on how to make a claim if necessary.

How can I purchase Floyd furniture?

Floyd sells their furniture primarily online through their website, providing direct-to-consumer sales that enable them to offer competitive pricing. Additionally, they may partner with third-party retailers or open pop-up showrooms periodically. Customers can explore the complete range of Floyd products on their website, where they also provide detailed product information and customer support to assist with purchases.

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Christi Farrell

Christi is a licensed architect and interior designer specializing in sustainability. She enjoys teaching design and bringing transparency to the impact that furniture has on our planet.

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