Rejuvenation is a sustainable home furnishings retailer based in Portland, Oregon. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and timeless design, they offer a range of customizable lighting collections that are made to order and finished by hand at their 87,000-square-foot factory. They began as an architectural salvage shop specializing in antique lighting restoration and have since expanded their offerings to include new, thoughtfully designed products. Rejuvenation is dedicated to sustainability, sourcing responsibly harvested materials and reclaiming vintage pieces to reduce waste. As part of the Williams-Sonoma, Inc. family of brands, they prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to create high-quality, safe products while supporting fair trade practices.

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Portland, Oregon

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Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

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William Sonoma Home, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, PBteen, Rejuvenation


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Rejuvenation is a retailer that operates through online channels and showrooms. They offer a wide range of furniture and furnishings, catering to diverse customer needs. Rejuvenation also provides a trade program with a 20% discount, making it an attractive option for professionals in the industry. With their focus on quality and style, Rejuvenation aims to serve as a one-stop-shop for all interior design requirements. Whether customers are looking for furniture pieces or decorative items, they can find it at Rejuvenation's conveniently located showrooms or through their user-friendly online platform.

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Rejuvenation focuses on providing high-quality products and personalized service to its customers. With their White Glove Delivery, they ensure that products are delivered with care and attention. While the product warranty is not specified, Rejuvenation offers the convenience of free swatches for customers to make informed choices. They also offer made-to-order items, allowing customers to customize their purchases. Although Rejuvenation does not have an in-house design team or designer collaborations, they provide free in-house design services to assist customers in creating their desired spaces. Overall, Rejuvenation aims to offer a seamless shopping experience with a focus on quality and customization.

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White Glove Delivery

White Glove Delivery

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Sustainability Mission

Rejuvenation, a sustainable home furnishings retailer, is dedicated to producing high-quality, safe, and eco-friendly products. As the only home retailer on Barron's 100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies list for six consecutive years, they prioritize the customer's best interests. With a focus on expert craftsmanship and quality materials, Rejuvenation's customizable lighting collections are made to order and hand-finished at their carbon-neutral factory in Portland, Oregon. They embrace circularity by restoring vintage pieces and offer sustainable options such as responsibly sourced wood, handwoven rugs, and Fair Trade Certified™ products. By shopping with Rejuvenation, customers contribute to cleaner soil, waterways, fair labor practices, and community empowerment.

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Sustainable Product Certifications and Programs

Rejuvenation, a sustainable home furnishings retailer and part of the Williams-Sonoma, Inc. family of brands, has been recognized for its sustainability efforts as the only home retailer on Barron's 100 Most Sustainable U.S. Companies list for six consecutive years. Their customizable lighting collections are handcrafted in their carbon-neutral factory in Portland, Oregon, using high-quality domestic and imported components. Rejuvenation is committed to supporting established craft traditions and experts in their trade, with over 62% of their wood responsibly sourced and a goal to reach 85% by 2025. They also offer GOTS certified organic cotton products and Fair Trade Certified™ options to ensure fair labor practices and support communities.

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Sustainable and Equitable Labor Programs

Rejuvenation is a sustainable home furnishings retailer that prioritizes the customer's best interests. They lead the industry in creating high-quality, safe, and sustainable products. The company's dedication to quality and expert craftsmanship is evident in their customizable lighting collections, which are made to order and finished by hand at their factory in Portland, Oregon. Rejuvenation is committed to long-lasting relationships with suppliers and supports established craft traditions. They also prioritize circularity by reclaiming vintage pieces and restoring them in their Portland restoration studio. Additionally, they offer sustainable materials like responsibly sourced wood and organic cotton products. Rejuvenation's equitable labor programs are Fair Trade USA Certified, ensuring fair and safe labor practices that empower workers and improve livelihoods.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rejuvenation furniture made?

Rejuvenation's furniture is primarily manufactured in the United States, supporting local craftspeople and artisans. The brand closely monitors the production process to ensure quality and adherence to traditional craftsmanship methods. Some products or components may also be sourced globally, depending on the material and specialty work needed.

Who owns Rejuvenation?

Rejuvenation is owned by Williams-Sonoma, Inc., an American publicly traded consumer retail company that sells kitchenwares and home furnishings. Rejuvenation was acquired by Williams-Sonoma, Inc. in 2011, expanding its portfolio which also includes other well-known brands such as Pottery Barn and West Elm.

What types of products does Rejuvenation offer?

Rejuvenation offers a wide range of home products, including furniture, lighting, hardware, and home accessories. The brand is known for its classic American lighting, vintage-inspired furniture, and personalized hardware items. Their product line caters to customers looking for timeless design and quality craftsmanship for their home interiors.

How can I care for my Rejuvenation furniture to ensure its longevity?

To maintain the quality of your Rejuvenation furniture, follow these guidelines:

  • Dust regularly with a soft cloth to prevent buildup of grime.
  • Use coasters to protect surfaces from moisture and heat.
  • Clean spills promptly with a damp cloth, then dry with a clean towel.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can damage the finish of the furniture.
  • For upholstered pieces, vacuum regularly and consider professional cleaning for any tough stains.

Always refer to the specific care instructions provided by Rejuvenation for individual pieces.

Is Rejuvenation's lighting collection UL-listed?

Yes, Rejuvenation takes safety and quality seriously, and their lighting collection is UL-listed. This means that their lighting fixtures have been tested and verified for safety standards by Underwriters Laboratories, a globally recognized certification company.

Does Rejuvenation offer customization options for its products?

Rejuvenation is known for providing a range of customization options, particularly when it comes to lighting. Customers can choose from various finishes, shades, and bulb types to create a personalized piece that fits their decor and preference.

Can I return products to Rejuvenation if I’m not satisfied?

Rejuvenation has a return policy allowing customers to return products within a specified time frame if they are not satisfied with their purchase. The returned items must be in original condition and packaging. For specific details on the return process and any exceptions, it's recommended to review the policy on Rejuvenation's website or contact their customer service team.

How do I get in touch with Rejuvenation's customer service?

To contact Rejuvenation's customer service, you can:

  • Call their provided customer support phone number.
  • Email the customer service team through the address listed on their website.
  • Utilize the live chat feature on their website for immediate assistance during business hours.

Rejuvenation is committed to providing prompt and helpful service to address any customer inquiries or issues.

Does Rejuvenation offer a warranty on their products?

Rejuvenation typically offers a warranty on their products to guarantee quality and craftsmanship. Warranty length and coverage may vary by product category, so it is advisable to check their website or consult with their customer support for specific warranty information related to your item.

Are there any Rejuvenation physical stores or showrooms?

Rejuvenation operates several physical store locations and showrooms where customers can browse and experience their products in person. They often showcase a curated selection of furniture, lighting, and hardware. For the most current information on store locations and hours, visit the Rejuvenation website's Store Locations page.

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Self-Claimed Sustainability

Hem great design can enrich lives. That’s what we believe at Hem. As an independent design brand and platform for progressive thinking, we aim to inspire the creative community through collaboration, innovation and experimentation.We collaborate with vanguard designers and renowned European manufacturers to deliver


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Christi Farrell

Christi is a licensed architect and interior designer specializing in sustainability. She enjoys teaching design and bringing transparency to the impact that furniture has on our planet.

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